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According to the Small Business Administration, an average of 627,000 new small business are started every year, with more than 51 percent of those companies staying open for more than five years. With statistics like that, it's time for you to step out of your comfort zone and start on your path to entrepreneurial success, STARTING NOW!

I smell FEAR. What are you afraid of?

We get it. We know you've heard the horror stories of failing startups.

According to a U.S. Bank study, a whopping 82% of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems.


You CANNOT let that defeat you. You must have confidence and the belief that you can conquer anything as long as you stick with it.

It is the mindset and determination you MUST have in order to win, and the confidence that you WILL win, no matter what!

Would You Like Some Help?

We’d like to show you the passport for overcoming your fears as well as share with you some of the most ingenious secrets for launching lean and growing your business fast, including the secret ingredient that makes the difference between a successful startup and one that flops miserably.

With the passport, you will know how to develop and refine a branding strategy that grows your business over the long term, step by step.


My name is Lonnie Robinson, and I’m the founder of Smartpreneur Passport.  We work with new and existing small businesses by providing them with the tools, tips, strategies and training required the effectively scale their profits.

Before we proceed any further, I need to share something extremely serious and very personal with you.

You and the success of your business matters to me. As a matter of fact, I take it personal.

While other companies choose to focus the bulk of their time and money on advertising and acquiring new prospects and customers, we choose instead to invest in research and educating our team so that we can remain the best we can be for you,.

We believe that every client deserves the right to understand the implicit and explicit processes needed in order to perform at the highest level possible, increase sales, scale their profits, and uncover their unique proposition that sets them apart from their competition.

The Smartpreneur's Corner

How To Find Your Passion And Become A Successful Entrepreneur

How To Find Your Passion And Become A Successful Entrepreneur

For anyone dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur, finding your passion is the quickest way to increase your chances of becoming successful.

The passion you have for what you do will help you to overcome challenges and persuade people to want to do business with you. But, what if you don’t know what you’re passionate about?


6 Ways To Cultivate An Entrepreneurial Mindset

6 Ways To Cultivate An Entrepreneurial Mindset

When it comes to starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur, not everyone is born with the personality traits that are needed to become successful.

In fact, many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs had to learn along the way and develop the characteristics to become successful.


3 Steps To Help You Build Your Perseverance For Business Success

3 Steps To Help You Build Your Perseverance For Business Success

One of the critical components of success is perseverance. Without an ability to keep moving forward when faced with challenges and setbacks, you can’t expect to find success as an entrepreneur.

Perseverance is what allows you to overcome difficulties and failures and can make all the difference in the world on your entrepreneurial journey.

With the Smartpreneur Passport, you will discover creative ways to fund your business using only the tools and talents you already have in your possession.

The Smartpreneur Passport will show you how to research and develop your business idea from start to finish - in just one weekend and how you can to get your product to market quickly so that you can start profiting from your idea as soon as possible!

Your Smartpreneur Passport includes some pretty powerful tips and tricks for creating a branding strategy that cements customer loyalty and helps you dominate your market.

There is absolutely no hype here. The Smartpreneur Passport reveals amazing business tips, tools, strategies, and training for how you can remove the fear and doubt of failing, replacing it with the absolute certainty of achieving the success both you and your business rightly deserve for many years to come!